Ghostbusters Slimer canvas painting oil 1984 | Etsy

SLOG (noun): 1. hard, persistent work; a prolonged arduous task or effort. 2. a hard, dogged march or journey

I’m not sure if the word “slog” is an example of Onomatopoeia, but just the sound of it is ominous. It strikes fear into our hearts. Fills us with dread. Especially when we add the word “long” in front of it. “The long slog.” Ugh. Who wants that?! We want it easy. We want to flow.

But to do anything worthwhile, to create any kind of meaningful change, to make any kind of lasting impact, especially with our art…it’s gonna be a slog. How could it not? If it was easy, anyone and everyone would do it and do it all the time, right?

So, rather than fight the slog, let us lean into it. Embrace it. Dance with the resistance we regularly feel. Visualize and love the process way more than the outcome. Ensure we have a strong why. And trust in our ability to endure and eventually get to where we wanna go.

Let us be…Slogbusters!

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