Don’t Trust Happiness

“Joy is the happiness that does not depend on what happens.” -Brother David Steindl-rast “Joy for humans lies in human actions. Human actions: Kindness to others, contempt for the senses, the interrogation of appearances, observations of nature and events in nature.” -Marcus Aurelius, Meditations In the film Tender Mercies (one of my all-time favorites), RobertContinue reading “Don’t Trust Happiness”

Alive Time Vs. Dead Time

“If you’re just letting the time pass at your job, it’s just dead time and you’ll never get it back. If at that job you’re learning and you’re observing and you’re seeing about people and connections, it’s suddenly alive time.” -Robert Greene Vvivre Sans Temps Mort (Live Without Wasted Time) -1960’s French political protest sloganContinue reading “Alive Time Vs. Dead Time”