Out On The Edge

My favorite performances are when an actor takes huge risks, makes bold choices, yet still does so in service of the script. Two that immediately come to mind are Gena Rowlands in “Opening Night” and Daniel Day Lewis in “There Will Be Blood.” They’re out there on the edge. Risking complete disaster. Borderline too much.Continue reading “Out On The Edge”

Ode To That Super Fast, Jacked Runner Dude

Speaking of feeling a little less alone… Not gonna lie, the last couple of months have been rough. Lotsa life stuff swirling around. Most acutely my dad–my rock, my best friend–isn’t doing so hot. He’s got incurable skin cancer and is back in the hospital. I’m doing my best to be strong and help himContinue reading “Ode To That Super Fast, Jacked Runner Dude”

Fix 10 Things

The actor/writer/director Austin Pendleton was recently interviewed on the excellent “Back To One” podcast which I highly recommend listening. In it, he talks craft and process and tells some amazing theatre history stories. One of which surrounds his acting in the very first production of “Fiddler On The Roof.” The legendary Jerome Robbins was theContinue reading “Fix 10 Things”