“Don’t Waste A Great Song”

You know the feeling. You’re slogging through a workout or a run and all of a sudden a great song comes on. Immediately it energizes you. You push a little harder. Run a little faster. It carries you. Sometimes all the way home.

In the process of manifesting your passion project, there will be many days where everything feels like a giant slog. It’s hard to gauge your progress. Nothing feels like it’s working. You want to quit.

But then all of a sudden, you have an amazing day. Maybe it’s a good night’s sleep. Or you receive an unexpected compliment. The funding you were hoping for came through. You’re grooving. You’re confident.

It’s like your great song just came on.

Don’t waste it.

Who knows how long it will last.

Double down on your effort. Push harder and farther than you ever have. You’ll get that much closer to your goal.

P.S. – Add this song to your playlist. Trust me. You’ll be glad you did.

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