The Self Care Questionnaire

“Secret of life is to stay hydrated. The brain can’t think if it ain’t hydrated, s’a natural fact. Drink up. They say eight glasses a day, eight ounces each. I say why stop there? No such thing as too much of a good thing. It’s a good thing, it’s a good thing. It’s not, it’s not, don’t do it.” -“Dom The Bartender” from the play Cops And Friends Of Cops by Ron Klier

Let’s face it, when embarking on our passion project we will have plenty of down days. Where it’s a slog. Before we decide to bail on our project though because “we’re not feeling it” or it’s “just not fun anymore” and we think we’ve made a mistake, we should first check-in with ourselves. Mentally and physically. Ask ourselves some very basic questions like…

Did I get enough sleep last night?

Did I drink enough water today?

How’s my food intake? Has my diet been pretty clean?

What’s my caffeine and alcohol intake been like recently?

Am I getting enough exercise? Including yoga or stretching?

When’s the last time I went for a walk, got some fresh air, felt the sun and wind on my face?

What’s my news and social media intake been like recently?

When’s the last time I had a good laugh or cry or thought and felt something deeply? See this Jim Valvano clip.

When’s the last time I had a really good conversation with someone?

Have I read any good books, seen any good movies, listened to any really good music, consumed any great art recently? Have I been inspired?

(Depending on if you have one) What’s my spiritual practice been like?

When’s the last time I felt or expressed gratitude?

Have I helped anyone recently?

When’s the last time I enjoyed quiet for an extended period of time?

These questions–and no doubt, you’ll have your own questions–are not meant to make us feel bad about our shortcomings. Far from it. They’re just opportunities for us to check in and recalibrate. That way, we can stay the course on our passion project. Not give up based on short-term feelings.

It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep, plenty of water and a long walk can do for our mood and outlook.

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