Almost exactly three months ago, I wrote this post about a reading of a new play I attended. It was the first time I’d been in a live theatre in over a year and the experience was nothing short of magical.

Well, fast forward three months…I’m thrilled to announce that our our theatre company, Vs. Theatre Company, is now producing the play and we open tonight!!!

For tickets and more info, click Here. Enter code “vsally” and your tickets are 50% off.

On this blog, I often talk about connecting with your “why” for any passion project. Asking yourself the question repeatedly until you arrive at the answer, and then communicating that why to everyone and anyone. Here’s mine…

John Kolvenbach is one of my all-time favorite playwrights.  Our production of “On An Average Day” in 2008 remains one of the high points for me as an actor and a seminal production for Vs.  I urge you to seek out all his plays and read them.

In “Stand Up If You’re Here Tonight” John manages to capture the feelings we’ve all had in isolation during this horrible pandemic.  And what it might be like to gather together again.  But like all great playwrights, John does so without being heavy handed.  He relishes in the beauty of the quotidian.  In all the special, tiny daily events that make us human.  And grateful to be alive.

When I attended the May reading, it marked my first time seeing live theatre in sixteen months.  I was very emotional as I was instantly reminded of what I missed and love about this art form.  And why I’ve devoted my life to it.  Yes, the absolute power of incredible words in the hands of a master actor like Jim Ortlieb.   Who can say everything with just a look.  With just his presence.  But also in the small, miraculous surprises that happen when you venture out to see a play.  Creaking seats, whirring fans, wailing sirens, ambient street noise, silence, breathing, laughter, muffled sobs, collective applause, and of course, “the murmuring, the goddamn pre-show murmuring.”

This is the play we all need right now.  When it’s still murky.  When we’re still a little unsure and apprehensive.   To remind us of what we missed and why it’s so important to be together and tell stories.

And that as long as we have each other, things are gonna be okay.

Come on out. We’d really love to see you at the theatre tonight (or any night during the run).

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