Be Here Now

“I’m going to count to ten. I’m here. You’re there. You know what to do.” -John Kolvenbach, from his play Stand Up If You’re Here Tonight

I was driving back today from a family beach trip and my friend Jason called. I said I needed to get home so I could write today’s blog post. (I had a late night opening our new Vs. production and then an early trip out today. I haven’t missed a weekday post since January 1, 2020, and I can’t miss now!) He said, Okay I got a good post for you

Ask your audience what movie the following quote is from (we often challenge each other on 80’s movies quotes; the more obscure the better)…

“No matter where you go, there you are.”

I thanked him and then hung up.

And then it hit me. Yes! What a perfect quote! What a perfect thing to blog about given the show we just opened. STAND UP IF YOU’RE HERE TONIGHT is all about this very thing. About just being here. Together. In a communal setting. Sharing sacred space. Being present. Being here. Now.

Last night was incredible. The energy from the opening moment was so strong and palpable. It felt so damn good to be together. Hearing stories. Sharing space. I pray that we can all continue to do so.

So, just remember “no matter where you go, there you are.” (Thank you brother Jason for the quote).

P.S. – First one who can guess the movie gets a free ticket to the show. Post your answer here. No internet look up. From memory please. Go…

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