“Stand Up If You’re Here Tonight”

That’s the title of a brand new play written by my friend and uber-talented playwright, John Kolvenbach. This past Friday I attended a reading of it at a theatre space in Los Angeles. There were about 20 of us (all masked and socially distanced) and the night was nothing short of magical. It marked the first time I’d seen anything live in over a year. The play is so timely as it’s all about experiencing that communal feeling again. Dropping in to it. John’s writing is so, so good. It just crackles and the acting was spectacular. The audience energy was real and palpable.

It’s one thing to try and remember what it’s like to see great live theatre. It’s a whole other thing to experience it again. Everything about it–the preshow banter, being with friends, finding your seats, ambient street noise, the collective emotion and intelligence of the audience, silence, breathing in and out, watching great actors in the flesh, hearing great language, meeting new people afterwards, etc…, all of it. I was overcome with emotion as I had that feeling of “Oh yeah. That’s what it like. That’s why I do this and love this art form so much.”

I can’t wait for you to experience it again too. Hang on. We’re almost there…

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