It’s A Miracle

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I’m backstage, about to go on as “Austin”, mid-run of a dream production of TRUE WEST. I have a moment. Everything slows down. I look around and take everything in. I see my fellow actors prepping. I hear the hustle and bustle of the audience. I feel the energy pulsing all around me.

I’m overcome with gratitude and emotion. Tears well up. Then a realization. A constant thought washes over me. Call it a mantra. “It’s a miracle.”

“It’s a miracle.”

“It’s a miracle.”

“It’s a miracle.”

It’s a miracle that Sam Shepard’s estate said yes. They gave us the rights to produce his masterpiece.

It’s a miracle I get to do this amazing part in this iconic play.

It’s a miracle I get to act alongside this incredibly talented, dedicated and generous cast. Including my artistic brother, Andy Hawkes (pictured above as “Lee”), who helped me produce this play. He always had my back and was there at every turn.

It’s a miracle we convinced our friend and badass director, Scott Cummins, to drive down over six hours every week, leaving his family behind, to rehearse and put up this play. For pure love of the art.

It’s a miracle we have this supremely talented design team, our Vs. family, that make us look so good in our costumes, under beautiful lights, on a ridiculously creative set with a terrifying fight scene that brings it all home.

It’s a miracle we have such a devoted stage crew, house manager and box office manager. They’re also Vs. family. They keep everyone happy and everything running on point.

It’s a miracle all the people who gave their time and talents to this production. They supported us in so many ways.

And it’s a miracle that 35 people (our max capacity) showed up tonight to watch us perform. They purchased a ticket. They took time out of their busy lives, in some cases arranging for a sitter, drove here, parked, and arrived on time. With open hearts and minds, ready to receive this beautiful story, rooting us on at every moment.

It’s a miracle. It’s all a miracle.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

“Places everyone.”

I snap to attention.


That was about a year ago.

I pray every day and can’t wait for the miracle of live theatre to return.

8 thoughts on “It’s A Miracle

  1. ….reading that Leaves me in tears… Tears of gratitude that I can feel each miracle you describe And tears of longing and frustration Sigh This is hard.

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