You Can Handle The Truth

Trump's budget tells the truth—and you can't handle the truth ...

There’s an old adage: don’t ask a question if you’re afraid of the answer.

But to get better, to grow as an artist, you need a few people you can trust. People who get you and the change you’re trying to make. If you have them in your life now (they are rare), cherish them. Hold on to them at all costs.

If you don’t, seek them out.

A personal story to reinforce this principle…

Our theatre company, Vs., was a few years in. We had successfully produced several plays, including our debut, “The Credeaux Canvas” by Keith Bunin, which was a smash hit and put us on the map. We were getting good reviews and houses, but I felt maybe, we had plateaued a bit. I sat down with a friend and fellow theatre maker whose work I very much admired. I asked him what we could do better. He was generous and honest with his feedback which was centered around improving some of our production design elements.

While it was tough to hear in the moment, he was right. That conversation led to searching for and eventually finding the incredible designers we have today. They’ve been with us for over a decade now, they’re family, and their artistry is now one of our theatre company’s greatest’s strengths.

I’m eternally grateful to them and to my friend.

You’re strong. You’re resilient. You’re generous. You’re doing art for all the right reasons. Because of that, you can handle it.

You can handle the truth.

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