Tell Them About It

Tell Her About It by Billy Joel | 10 of the best Billy Joel songs ...

Tell her about it 
Tell her everything you feel 
Give her every reason 
To accept that you’re for real
-Billy Joel from his hit song “Tell Her About It”

Before reading this post, click HERE to watch the music video. It’ll put you in a good mood. Beware, you might get up and start dancing. (And be sure to watch all the way to the end for a classic Rodney Dangerfield moment.)

Okay. Continue reading…

Word of Mouth is an incredibly powerful thing. In a world of infinite choice, and connection, we still trust and defer to those in our inner circle.

When one of my friends tells me I have to go see or read something, it moves way up on my list. A recent example of this is two of my friends separately urged me (multiple times) to watch the filmed play Cypress Avenue at the Royal Court. I have a gazillion things to read and watch, but I prioritized this at their urging. I’m so glad I did. It was fantastic! (Thank you Paul and Andy.)

You can watch it HERE.

One of the most simple and generous things you can do is that when you come across something you love, share it with others. Don’t keep it to yourself.

One, you’re supporting the artist(s). So many art forms entirely rely on word of mouth. I’m thinking of my own, intimate theatre, of course. But also independent film, indie music, poetry, books, painting, dance, etc…This also extends to our local businesses. Just ate at a great new restaurant? Shout it from the rooftops! Just made a cool purchase from a store that gave you excellent service? Tell people know how amazing it is.

Two, you’re being generous to those you tell. By spreading the word, you just gave your friend a great night out. Or a novel they’ll be hooked on. A record they can’t stop playing.

Third, by sharing what you love, you’re sharpening your taste. You’re getting specific. You’re standing behind what you believe in. You’re deliberately practicing all the skills necessary to be a great producer.

Tell Them About It. You’ll be glad you did.

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