Get Specific.

Producing is taste and tenacity. You find something you absolutely love and decide you have to put it out to the world.

How do you develop taste?

You get specific.

How do you get specific?

Consume as much art as you possibly can. Figure out what moves you. What you value. What you cherish. What you’re willing to stand behind and say to others, “Hey this is something I found, and I think it’s worth your time.”

Do that over and over and over.

It takes guts. It requires vulnerability. Because you open yourself to judgment.

But here’s the thing, by doing this, you will cultivate your own, specific taste. And find the others who share that taste. The tribe. The 1,000 True Fans who inspire you to make your art.

With that in mind, here are the links again to my two Fellow Traveler posts. They detail what I loved enough to share in January and February.

Enjoy! And I look forward to your “picks.”

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