The Unspoken Agreement

Agreement between theatre-maker and audience member.

I, theatre-maker, agree to…

-only produce that play which I am extremely passionate about.

-strive for excellence and generosity at all times. Go all out. Leave no stone unturned. I shall give myself, my fellow artists and stage crew a long enough runway to make that happen.

-always foster an empowering, creative and inspiring environment for our artists and stage crew to do their best work.

-employ radical hospitality towards the audience who’ve agreed to sacrifice their precious time and dollars to be here tonight.

I audience member agree to…

-show up on time.

-show up with an open heart and mind to the story I’m about to witness.

-have a rooting spirit for the actors who are up there giving their all

-if I loved and was moved by tonight’s play, then I will tell everyone about it.

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