“Why Isn’t Anyone Coming?”

Your art is good.

But your messaging isn’t.

That’s on you as a producer.

Change your message. Change your story. Keep grinding. Keep iterating. Give people a more compelling reason to show up.

And eventually they will.

P.S. – Our Vs. production of STAND UP IF YOU’RE HERE TONIGHT has extended through September. We’ve been blessed with some good houses and strong reviews. Including this lovely one from an audience member…

I thoroughly enjoyed “Stand Up if You’re Here Tonight.” Jim Ortlieb brought John Kolvenbach’s script to life so completely I was dumbstruck. Part “Godot”, part meta theatre, this production had me laughing so hard I almost cried. I was also deeply touched by the questions the narrator asked the audience. This show was delightful, unusual, and surprising. They are very COVID safe at the theater, so I’d urge you to see this masterful performance and wonderful play. Immediately afterwards I started making plans to come again.

Get your tix here before it ends. Use code “vsally” and your ticket is only $10. We’d love to see and stand up with you!

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