Start, Then Iterate

“I fear not the person who has practiced ten thousand kicks, one time. I fear the person who has practiced one kick, ten thousand times.” -Bruce Lee

“Ready, Fire, Aim” is a popular business book. While I haven’t read it, the title alone is catchy and offers good advice.

How often do we not start something because the conditions aren’t “perfect” from the get-go?

What if instead, we just start regardless of outlook, but then resolve to constantly evaluate and change as needed? We have faith and belief that as long as we’re passionate, that we’re pot committed, that we’re doing it for the right reasons, that we’re flexible and open-minded (best idea wins) and have a strong why, we will attract the right people and other things necessary to complete our undertaking.

But we need to start.

Put another way…what if we strive for 10,000 iterations. Not 10,000 hours.

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