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“Be aware when things are out of balance. Stay centered within the Tao.” -Lao Tzu

““You paddle a little on the left and little on the right and you paddle a straight course.” -Jerry Brown’s “Canoe Theory” of Politics

Balance does not mean everything in harmony at all times. Yes, we ideally would love to have enough daily time and energy to attend to everything that’s important to us. Our spiritual, physical, mental, artistic, financial, etc…But let’s face it, when you embark on a passion project, it can be all consuming. Your overall balance will be out of whack. You’re like a car that’s out of alignment. It’s part of the trade off you make to do something you love. But trust that it’s only temporary and it’s worth it.

The key is to just be aware, and then the first chance you get, give time and attention to the other parts. Get tuned up and back in alignment. Back in balance.

And ready for the next project.

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