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“There is one place that you have not looked and it is there, only there that you shall find the master.” –The Last Dragon

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” -William Henley, Invictus

If you haven’t seen the 80’s cult classic, “The Last Dragon”, please do so immediately. The movie has it all–an awesome plot, killer soundtrack (courtesy of the film’s producer and Motown legend Berry Gordy), break dancing, giant boom boxes, kung fu, ninjas, a Harlem pizza parlor, music videos, and some of the coolest characters of all time including the stunning beautiful Laura Charles, the evil record mogul Eddie Arkadian, the wisecracking younger brother Richie Green, and of course, the one, the only…Bruce Leroy.

Enter 'The Last Dragon': The Bruce Leroy Story | by Jayla Harrington |  incluvie | Medium

Still not convinced? What about the baddest ass villain of all time? Who actually glows he’s so bad? This dude…

Samuel L Jackson is Sho'nuff in The Last Dragon Remake – /Film

Sho’nuff. The shogun of Harlem.

Are you freakin’ kidding me?!!! What a film!

Okay, but what does this have to do with making art?

Well…Bruce (his actual character’s name is Leroy Green) is on a quest to find “the master.” Leroy believes that when he finds the master, then everything will make sense. All his training and life’s work will be complete. Then, and only then, after finding the master, can Leroy confidently move forward, face his fears, face Sho’nuff, and be the person he wants to be. The person he was destined to be.

Is he right?

Will Leroy find the master?

Will he get the glow?

Will this blog post make any sense?

Sorry. No spoilers here. You’ll need to watch The Last Dragon and report back. I look forward to your quest to figure out “Who is the master?…”

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