Best In The World?

Bicycle wheel - Wikipedia

A great question to ask yourself…

“What am I the best in the world at?”

Or if need be, modify to…

“What could I be the best in the world at?”

Put real thought into the answer. Think of all your skills and interests. Think how they may combine and intersect with one another. Get specific and niche way, way down.

For example, “writing” is too vague.

But “punching up dialogue for action movies” is not. Or “copywriting scientific press” or “coming up with good jokes when the pressure’s on.”

If you can answer this question for yourself and focus like a laser beam on doing that unique thing, then theoretically you’ll always work. You’ll feel good about yourself. Because you’ll feel like you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. Especially when it involves helping others.

And don’t feel stifled. Or that you’re putting yourself in a box. Far from it. You’re just recognizing your core competency. Think of a bicycle wheel. Your core competency is the hub, but you have many, many spokes connected to it. You can and should be doing lots of different things. Getting new experiences and gaining new skills. Those are your spokes. They add to and deepen and might someday even change the hub, the answer to…

…”What am I the best in the world at?”

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