Why Is the Mona Lisa So Famous?

“Make each day your masterpiece” -John Wooden

The legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, learned this expression from his father, a farmer. It was listed on the “7-Point Creed” his dad handed him and his brothers when they graduated elementary school. Wooden credits it for much of his own drive and success in life.

Memento Mori constantly reminds us that today could be our last day. We shouldn’t fear that. Rather, it should energize and inspire us.

Today, let us ask ourselves…

How can we serve?

Who can we help?

What can we learn?

What art can we make?

How can it be our masterpiece?

Let that guide what we think, say and do.

And if we’re lucky enough to wake up tomorrow?…Be grateful.

We just got another chance to make another masterpiece.

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