Why Affirmations Might Work

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I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about affirmations.  Lots of interesting things about quantum physics, the observer effect, the reticular activation system, etc…Fun, rabbit hole stuff.

But what if the reason affirmations might work is simply that they force us to pick? To pick one thing we really want and focus non-stop until we get it.

The deciding is the hard part. Because decision means incision. It means cutting off all other possibilities until we either accomplish what we want or pick something else. We’re all in on this one thing. That’s hard to do. Especially in a world of infinite possibilities.

I mean, if we say or write down one, specific, strong, declarative statement that starts with “I want to do X” or “I am X” 15 times a day, every day, AND visualize ourselves doing the thing, doing the process, we’re bound to take action.  Consistent action to make it happen.  


I don’t think it’s magic. Or a secret.

I think it’s decision.

And focus.

And consistent action.

Kinda like making your passion project. Your art.

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