Go First

“I’ll go first. If I’m at checking out at the store I’ll say hello first, if I’m coming across someone making eye-contact I’ll smile first. Not all times, but most times — it comes in your favor. The response is pretty amazing…You have to go first because now we’re being trained in this world to opt out. Nobody’s going first anymore.” — Gabrielle Reece

I love this advice from Gabrielle Reece–beach volleyball champion, first female spokeswoman for Nike, best selling author, entrepreneur, devoted to her family, and an absolute powerhouse–for several reasons.

First, it’s a specific, daily practice. The more you do it, the easier it gets. It becomes a habit.

Second, it’s a good thing to do for others. Who knows, your smile might be the thing that makes their day?

Third, when you’re making art, you have to go first. You must be wiling to do something that might not work. Just like smiling at someone in a grocery store, they might not smile back. Okay. No problem. You’re still alive. It didn’t cost you anything. Move on. Try it again with someone else.

Finally, now more than ever, the world needs you. We need your leadership, your ideas, your service, your smile, your generosity, your art.

Don’t wait.

Go first.

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