The Good Shit Sticks

The interview master, Cal Fussman, tells a great story about a conversation he once had with the writer, Harry Crews…

Harry’s books and essays were always filled with rich, colorful detail. Often pulled from his own life and experiences.

Harry was also a drunk.

Cal asked Harry (who was drunk at the time) how he remembered everything for his stories. Harry looked at him, straightened up a bit, then replied…

“The good shit sticks.”

Once while on tight deadline for Esquire, Cal lost all his notes and had to rely solely on memory to write the article.

He ended up turning in a brilliant piece.

Cal remembered Harry’s advice.

“The good shit sticks.”

Let this be a mantra for our lives.

Let it guide our actions and decisions.

Let it enable us to always be present. Especially in our conversations with others.

Let us trust that if we make good art, people will remember.


“The good shit sticks.”

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