Explode Into It

”You get a feeling of electricity. Sparks seem to shoot from him.” -Sportswriter Jack Zimmerman writing about Walter Payton (aka “Sweetness”), legendary Chicago Bears running back

You will get nothing and go nowhere by half-assing it.

Instead, as my good friend Tony Ciccone used to advise when we were kids…

“Johnny….Explode into it.”

Don’t play it safe. Be aggressive. Make the first move, attack, and when you do… EXPLODE!!!!

Yes this applies to sports. Think of Walter Payton punishing his would be tacklers.

But I believe it applies to all of life.

Go all out. Whatever you decide to do, give it everything you got.

Explode into it.

You owe it to yourself and everyone around you.

You do that, you explode into it…you can live with any result.

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