Bonus Post! Bonus Post! “Fellow Traveler” Newsletter Vol. 2 – February, 2020

Welcome Fellow Travelers. Below are my February picks. Thanks in advance for reading. I look forward to your feedback and any of your own picks!

Here goes…


  1. The Sound Of Fury. One of the bleakest film noirs ever made. Lloyd Bridges is sublime as a bad guy. Makes you wonder why he didn’t get more great roles in film. And the haunting ending will absolutely shock and awe.
  2. The Apartment. Gets better and better with each viewing. Jack Lemmon is my favorite actor and he’s in top form here. Fred MacMurray, cast way against type, oozes creep. But it’s Shirley Maclaine’s magnetic, vulnerable and heartbreaking performance that steals the show. You can see why she became a star. Even the way she pushes elevator buttons is riveting.
  3. Bill Cunningham: New York. This 2010 documentary about the street, fashion photographer is sure to inspire. Anyone can lead an artistic life if they want it bad enough. My favorite line…”If you don’t take money, they can’t tell you what to do, kid.”


  1. Tao Te Ching: Translation by Stephen Mitchell. Hands down, the definitive translation. He manages to make the timeless wisdom contained in the Tao super accessible to anyone.
  2. Loving What Is by Byron Katie. I stumbled upon this book while researching more on Stephen Mitchell. They’re a married couple. “The Work”, which consists of asking yourself four questions in any situation, is powerful, actionable advice.


  1. Year of the Monkey: Patti Smith on Dreams, Loss, Love, and Mending the Broken Realities of Life by Maria Popova. So many beautiful passages from the book are spotlighted and discussed here.
  2. May Sarton on the Cure for Despair and Solitude as the Seedbed of Self-Discovery by Maria Popova. The dance between divine discontent and creative fulfillment as carried out by the poet, novelist, essayist, and diarist May Sarton.


  1. American Son by Christopher Demos-Brown. Though it has some flaws, this play is propulsive with great characters and a phenomenal premise. You can see why it attracted star talent to both the cast and producing team. (Thank you Ingrid for recommending.)


  1. Naval Ravikant on “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Angel investor and modern day philosopher, Naval dispenses tons of practical wisdom and advice over a wide array of topics. Long, but worth every second as well as a repeat listen or two. Get your notebook out.
  2. Mark Duplass on “10,000 No’s With Matthew Del Negro” From 2018 but it still holds up. Mark never disappoints. What are you waiting for? Go make your art.


  1. All things VAN MORRISON. Astral Weeks would be in the discussion for my “If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one album…” I’ve easily listened to it over 100 times. Be sure to also listen to the albums St. Dominic’s Preview, Moondance, and His Band And His Street Choir. Turn the lights off, grab your headphones,, sip some whiskey and settle in.

P.S. – Why the name “Fellow Traveler”?…We’re all traveling on our own artistic journey. The journey to find and manifest the art we’re passionate about. Let’s travel together.

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