Bonus Post! Bonus Post! “Fellow Traveler” Newsletter Vol. 1 – January, 2020

Being a producer is about taste. Not necessarily good taste. But specific taste. To develop that taste, you need to first devour as much art as possible. It can be anything that interests you–books, plays, music, short stories, films, poems, articles, podcasts, tv, etc….Then, reflect on the art you’ve just consumed. Finally, and most importantly, share what you think is worthwhile with others. It’s in the sharing that you’re taking a stand. You’re putting yourself out there. You’re saying, “Hey, I’ve read or seen this and I think it’s worth your time.” That takes guts. That takes generosity.

Welcome to “Fellow Traveler” where I highlight a few things I really loved that month. Maybe it develops into its own online newsletter, but right now, consider it a bonus blog post. Thanks in advance for reading. I’d love your feedback and welcome your own “picks.”

Here goes…


  1. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. DiCaprio, Pitt and Tarantino working at the top of their games. A rich blur of music, color and craft that instantly transports you to Hollywood, 1969, and never lets you go. How good is that scene where DiCaprio works himself up in his trailer? Wow.
  2. Knives Out. Who doesn’t love a great, murder mystery where everyone’s having tons of fun?
  3. Emilie Muller. This spellbinding, French, B&W short was made in 1994 but looks like it’s from the thirties or forties. I would have loved to see more from this director, but he died young. The link goes right to the film. Watch it. An acting clinic from Veronica Varga. (Thank you Alex Waintrub for turning me on to this one.)


  1. The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz. Despite the cheesy, infomercial title, lot of gems in here about why it’s so important to have a big vision for anything you want to do. And how to think and do.


  1. The Haunting Beauty Of Snowflakes by Maria Popova. Worth reading just for all the incredible pictures of snowflakes!
  2. What Vanishing Angle Sees Over The Horizon by Stephen Saito I know the principals at this amazing production company. Expect to hear and see big things from them. They’re doing it right.
  3. How William James Encourages Us To Believe In The Possible by Temma Ehrenfeld Dreamers and doers, James has something to teach us all.


  1. The Antipodes by Annie Baker. I love Annie Baker’s plays. The Aliens, Circle Mirror Transformation and The Flick are all fantastic. Read them. Her newest one about storytelling and the writer’s room is awesome. I expect to hear your own ghost story the next time I see you.


  1. Seth Godin on “The Moment With Brian Koppelman”. Great debate on Bob Dylan and the nature of genius v. hard work. Lots of good, actionable stuff as well. Seth never disappoints.
  2. Jeff Perry on “10,000 No’s with Matthew Del Negro”. Steppenwolf and Jeff Perry fans, this one’s for you! (Shout out to my friend Ingrid Rogers for turning me on to this terrific podcast and episode.)

P.S. – Why the name “Fellow Traveler”?…We’re all traveling on our own artistic journey. The journey to find and manifest the art we’re passionate about. Let’s travel together.

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