Who’s It For?

After answering the two essential artist questions, now ask yourself, “Who’s It For?” Take for example, producing a play. “Who’s it for?” People who like theatre, especially intimate theatre? Fans of this playwright? People who love plays, movies, etc…that might be similar to this play? People who might be interested or support this subject matter?Continue reading “Who’s It For?”

It’s All Momentum

MOMENTUM: (in physics) the force or speed of an object in motion; the increase in the rate of development of a process I remember going to Six Flags Great America with some college buddies. Brian–total physics maniac–spent the whole day marveling at this one, particular roller coaster. He kept repeating to himself and anyone who’dContinue reading “It’s All Momentum”

Bonus Post! Bonus Post! “Fellow Traveler” Newsletter Vol. 1 – January, 2020

Being a producer is about taste. Not necessarily good taste. But specific taste. To develop that taste, you need to first devour as much art as possible. It can be anything that interests you–books, plays, music, short stories, films, poems, articles, podcasts, tv, etc….Then, reflect on the art you’ve just consumed. Finally, and most importantly,Continue reading “Bonus Post! Bonus Post! “Fellow Traveler” Newsletter Vol. 1 – January, 2020″

Stand By Your Passion Project

Sometimes it’s hard to be a producer.Giving all your love to just one passion project.You’ll have bad timesAnd you’ll have good times, Doin’ things that you don’t understandBut if you love it you’ll forgive it,Even though it’s hard to understandAnd if you love it oh be proud of it,‘Cause after all it’s just a passion project StandContinue reading “Stand By Your Passion Project”