Be The Anteambulo

“Clear the path for the people above you and you will eventually create a path for yourself.” -Ryan Holiday, book Ego Is The Enemy

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” -Gandhi

“Find the most talented person in the room and if it’s not you, go stand next to
[that person.] Hang out with [that person] and try to be helpful.” -Harold Ramis

anteambulo: (Latin)
A person whose job it is to walk in front of another, such as an usher. In Ancient Rome, someone who walked in front of his patron to clear the way. Latin “ante”=before + “ambulare”=to walk + “-o”=noun-forming suffix.

When you set out to make something, especially if it’s a commercial enterprise, asking “Who’s it for?” and “What’s it for?” are vital.

So is asking “Does this, or something closely like it, already exist?”

If yes, don’t dismay. You’ll find something else. Trust that.

In the meantime, be happy that it’s already in the world. Become a fan. Try out the product. Demo the service. Listen to the podcast. Read the book. Watch the movie. Etc.

And if you truly love it and have the wherewithal, offer to help the creator get the work out to an even larger audience. Clear the path. Be the anteambulo. Use your talents and platform to spread the word.

Helping someone else who’s striving for excellence fulfill their potential is its own creative act. It’s also one of the most generous and beautiful things you can do.

P.S. – Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy this awesome and super catchy song. (Thank you Noah for creating it and AK for sharing it with me.)

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