By Myself

And I listen for the voice inside my head
Nothin’, I’ll do this one myself
-“State Of Love And Trust”, song by Pearl Jam

“Who will help me bake the bread?” “Not I,” said the dog. “Not I,” said the pig. “Not I,” said the cow. “Well then, I will bake the bread myself.” And she did just that! She mixed the flour with salt and yeast to make the dough. After the dough rose, she put it in the oven to bake…When the bread was done, she asked, “Who will help me eat the bread?” “I will”, said the dog. “I will”, said the pig. “I will”, said the cow.” -excerpt from the fable, The Little Red Hen, by Mary Mapes Dodge

There are times, especially at the outset, when no one sees it the way you see it. When no one understands your vision or shares your belief. When you feel like Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire repeatedly asking, practically begging, “Who’s Coming With Me?” and getting no response. (Until Dorothy Boyd courageously saves him from a complete shutout.)

For those times, let’s face it, it’s on you. You’re gonna have to go first. Take it entirely on your shoulders. Do it yourself. Be your own proof of concept.

Eventually people will come on board. They’ll join in on your worthwhile mission. Don’t have an ego about it. If they’re talented and can and want to help, allow them to. Who cares if you had to go first? Whatever makes the project the best it can possibly be.

Leaders lead.

Followers follow.

P.S. – Sometimes you gotta go coast to coast.

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