The Backstory Is The Story

What the fuck is this world
Running to, you didn’t
Leave a message, at least I
Could have learned your voice one last time
Daily minefield, this could
Be my time, ’bout you?

Hear my name, take a good look
This could be the day
Hold my hand, walk beside me
I just need to say
I could not take a-just one day
I know when I would not ever touch you
Hold you, feel you in my arms ever again
-“Porch”, song by Pearl Jam

Context goes hand in hand with content.

The artist’s backstory behind their creation adds so much to the audience’s enjoyment of the art. Think of it like the wine that sharpens the taste of the meal.

A current example…

My good friend Joe and I both love the band Pearl Jam. (Ever wondered why we’re named Vs. Theatre Company? Hint, Hint: See album pic above.)

For the last month he’s been sending me a daily text of the top 31 all-time best Pearl Jam songs per Spotify music critics. In addition to the song, he sends me various articles about the song’s creation including Eddie Vedder’s own musings on the lyrics. These are all awesome.

(My favorite part though?…Joe also often sends me what the song and lyrics mean to him personally.)

Given all this context and backstory, my love and appreciation of the music only grows deeper.

Go make your art. And whenever possible, share your backstory. Because your backstory is the story.

P.S. – Unplugged.

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