Produce The Dream

“A dream is just a goal without a deadline.” -Robert Herjavec

If you really want to achieve that goal, start thinking like a producer. Turn the goal into a project. Ask yourself questions like…How much will it cost? What’s the overall timeline? What are the key milestones? Who do I need to help me achieve this? What does a successful delivery to the client (in this case yourself) look like?

Then create a workplan and budget for it. And get started.

If you’re willing to do this kind of thinking and work at the outset, then that means it’s a priority. And if it’s a priority for you, you’ve got a great shot of achieving said goal. (Worst case scenario…you come up short, but you learned a lot.)

If you’re not willing to do this kind of thinking and work?…Well, then, keep dreaming.

P.S. – If you need some help to get started, read this excellent NYT article about micro progress. (Thanks Michael for introducing me to this NYT column.)

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