They’ll Feel It

They don’t know how many camera tests you did before shooting. How many hundreds of drafts you wrote before you turned in the novel. How long you looked until you found the exact, right, period wallpaper. How hard you worked to get the costumes perfectly tea-stained and distressed. How you obsessed every night to get the correct proportion of taco sauce to dirty dishes on Danny’s extraordinary set. (That last one is an Inside joke for Stef, Ron and Danny.)

They don’t know. But you know. You know you did your best. You gave everything you had to the project.

And it’s because of your passion and your love and your care about every detail that while they don’t know it, they feel it. In their bones. That’s all that matters anyway, right? To get them to feel something. To open up their hearts and minds. To give them an amazing artistic experience that they’ll never forget.

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