Generosity Of Spirit

If you’re looking for an example of generosity of spirit, look no further than the below email that Anthony Hopkins sent to Bryan Cranston. It’s after he consumed all episodes of “Breaking Bad.” He was so moved by the performance and quality of the show, he felt compelled to reach out. (Hat tip to my friend Jason for sending this to me.)

I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that one of the reasons Anthony Hopkins is such an incredible actor is his generous spirit. Whenever you find yourself moved by someone’s work, let them know about it. It’s such a cool thing to do and it will mean so much to the artist.

P.S. – Thank you JJ for the beautiful note you typed out on a manual typewriter (same brand Shepard used as I recall) and mailed me after seeing “True West.” I will always treasure that note. You rock my friend.

2 thoughts on “Generosity Of Spirit

  1. Oh My God. And coming from him.  You could die after that. Cranston could  Lol. But generous? Absolutely humbling.  Yes. And actors loving actors. So wonderful to see that.  Our big gorgeous community.   My latest motto is “ If At can’t save us we are screwed”. But I believe it will and always has. Thank you for sharing that uplifting note. Cheers Sandi Cruze 

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