The Way

“1. Welcome Each Day, Its Pleasures and Its Challenges 2. Make Others Feel Welcome 3. Share 4. Live in the Moment 5. Feel the Spirit of Those Who Have Come Before You 6. Appreciate Those Who Walk with You Today 7. Imagine Those Who Will Follow You” -Victor Prince, book The Camino Way: Lessons in Leadership from a Walk Across Spain

Go back thousands of years up until the present day.

Read all the greatest books.

Learn about all the greatest traditions.

Reflect on all the greatest wisdom.

You’ll find three consistent things that point the way to true happiness.

Meaningful work.

Meaningful community.

Helping others.

When you decide to make your art and strive for excellence and generosity in the process, you do all three of these things at once.

Go make your art. Go on the way.

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