“What happens when we turn pro is, we finally listen to that still, small voice inside our heads. At last we find the courage to identify the secret dream or love or bliss that we have known all along was our passion, our calling, our destiny…We’re like sharks who have tasted blood, or renunciants who have glimpsed the face of God. For us, there is no finish line. No bell ends the bout. Life is the pursuit. Life is the hunt. When our hearts burst, then we’ll go out, and no sooner.” – Steven Pressfield, Turning Pro

“If there was no fame involved and very minimal money – which is the case for most actors – I’d still be doing it. If I wasn’t good enough to be a professional, I’d be an amateur actor.” -Mark Rylance

Cultivate the discipline of a professional. You do the work no matter what. Day in. Day out. It is your calling, your vocation, your duty.

Cultivate the love of the amateur. You do the work because it’s fun and brings you great joy and lights up your soul. You remain open to new ideas and discoveries no matter what age.

Hold both these mindsets at the same time and you’ll be one badass motherfucker of an artist.

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