Don’t Forget About Your Dreams

“There are times when dreams sustain us more than facts.” -Helen Fagin

“We are such stuff / As dreams are made on, and our little life / Is rounded with a sleep.” -Prospero in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”

“And, please, as you visualize your future, don’t be afraid to be blue sky. People these days are measured by the size of their dreams. No one accomplishes more than he sets out to accomplish. So visualize a big future.” -David J. Schwartz, “The Magic Of Thinking Big”

Speaking of dreams

I talk a lot about process on this blog. I believe it’s the key to artistic happiness and meaningful work. Find something you enjoy doing, even if it’s really freakin’ hard at times, and do it, day in day out, for a long ass period of time. Do it for nothing else than the love of doing the thing and you’ll find lasting purpose and joy.

That being said, we have our dreams. Our goals. Our visions. Those dreams are what lead us to passion which in turn leads us to process. And sometimes, we can get into a process rut. Doing the same thing over and over. Being comfortable with our routine. If you find yourself there, feeling a little bit blah, reconnect with your original dream and vision.

It might also be time to set a new vision for your life and art. Just make sure it’s a big one!

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