Dip Or Quit?

The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick):  Godin, Seth: 8601400964804: Amazon.com: Books

“A woodpecker can tap twenty times on a thousand trees and get nowhere, but stay busy. Or it can tap twenty-thousand times on one tree and get dinner.” -Seth Godin, The Dip

Thinking about sunk costs force us to contemplate the question, “To quit or to push through?”

Seth Godin wrote an excellent book about this very idea called The Dip which I highly recommend. It’s short but packs a wallop. I won’t elaborate here as I’d prefer you read the book. But here’s one giant takeaway, especially for those of us like me who have a hard time giving up on something or saying no…

It’s okay to quit something. Successful people across all industries have quit multiple things. And quit often.

But just like starting something, it’s really important to identify your “why” for quitting. If you don’t have a strong why, it might just mean you’re going through a dip and need to push through.

Once you figure it out either way, you’ll soar even higher.

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