Your Own Personal Scene Study


Wanna keep your skills sharp?

Wanna work on amazing material?

Wanna learn?

Wanna work with great people who share your work ethic and love of the art?

Wanna experience working with a certain director you’re curious about?

Wanna practice producing?

Wanna have an incredible artistic experience?

Wanna do all of the above and not spend very much money?

Create your own personal scene study.

Originally inspired by an actor friend of mine who called me up to do this once, I’m now sharing with you. Here’s how it goes…

Step One. Find a scene from a great play that you’re passionate about. Make sure it’s meaty and challenging and has great parts for two actors. (Maybe it’s from your anchor play.)

Step Two. Make a list of all your actor friends you’d love to work with. Those who share your work ethic and passion and would be down to do something for just the pure love of doing it. (AND of course are right for the part opposite you.)

(Note: If you’re having trouble finding a great scene, you could skip step one and start with step two. Call up your actor friends and say “I’d love to work with you. Are there any scenes from plays that you’re passionate about? A part you’re dying to play? Does it have a good scene for the both of us? If not, let’s start thinking brainstorming together.”)

Step Three. Once you’ve identified a great scene, make a list of all the directors you’d like to work with. And also the ones you’ve worked with before and would want to work with again. Between the two of you identify some candidates you could approach.

Step Four. Call the director(s) up, tell them that you and your partner are gonna work on a scene. See if they’d like to work on it with you. Invite them in right away or if their schedule is busy, let them know that you’ll both be working on it and can they come in at the end. After you’re off book and have fully explored it, can they come in for a couple of rehearsals and work with you two?

Step Five. Find a rehearsal space. Could be your residence. Could be a theatre or classroom. Could be over Zoom especially in these times. Whatever works best for everyone. Start rehearsing! And go all out. Costumes, props, etc…

Step Six. Once you’ve fully explored the scene with the director, that might be the end. Or you could think about filming it or inviting a few friends to watch. Or again do it over Zoom. Maybe record a podcast of it. Or all of them.

This whole process will probably take about 2-3 months. Hopefully, like I did, you’ll have an amazing, enriching experience. And who knows?….It might inspire you to then go produce the play.

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