The Anchor

For my fellow actors, here’s something I do every year. I call it “the anchor” because no matter what happens, no matter how busy life gets, I can always come back to it. The anchor helps keep me sane and sharp and continuously excited about the craft.

Here goes…

At the beginning of the year, I pick one play and part that I’m passionate about and commit to working on it for the entire year. I don’t plan to produce it (though sometimes that happens) and I have no expectations for it. All I care about is process. Reading the play over and over, saying the lines out loud, memorizing passages, daydreaming about the character, writing backstory, thinking about actions, etc…basically doing a lot of the work I would do if cast in the part. At times I’ll even call a friend and we’ll work together on a scene from the play.

Some beautiful things have happened as a result of this anchor practice. Things I could never have planned for or imagined.

Give it a shot. I’m excited to see what happens for you!

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