Ed Burns: Three Reasons

Amazon.com: The Brothers McMullen: Jack Mulcahy, Michael McGlone, Edward  Burns, Shari Albert, Maxine Bahns, Catharine Bolz, Connie Britton, Peter  Johansen, Jennifer Jostyn, Elizabeth McKay, Edward Burns, Anthony Bregman,  Bill Baldwin, Dick Fisher,

Inspired by The Criterion Collection’s “Three Reasons” film promos. (watch this as an example; and definitely see the film!) here are three reasons to check out filmmaker Ed Burns and his work.

(1) “Head down. Ass up. Keep moving forward….What other choice do you have?” His mantra. Listen to this podcast.

(2) From superstar debut to being put in “directors jail” to an indie rebirth. A lesson in resiliency. Read this book.

(3) How he made The Brothers McMullen for only 25k and then nearly two decades later, Newlyweds for only 9k! He talks about it length and generously shares all on this podcast. And this one.

No excuses. Go make your movie.

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