Know What You’re Trying For

“The way someone else perceives what you do is a result of their own experiences (which you can’t control), their own preferences (which you can’t predict), and their own expectations (which you don’t set). If your choices don’t match their expectations that is their concern, not yours.” -James Clear

Are you trying to write a book? Or the next Great American Novel?

Are you making a movie? Or trying to stand on the shoulders of Citizen Kane?

Are you painting a picture? Or conjuring up a masterpiece?

(You see where I am going with this…)

Only you know the answer. And everything has its merit. Don’t be influenced by what someone else says or does or worse, tells you what you should or shouldn’t do. Per Emily Dickinson, “The heart wants what it wants– or else it does not care.”

But it’s important to know what exactly you’re trying for. To define it. As that will dictate how much effort, how much risk, how much time and how much cost to your soul it’s gonna take to make it happen.

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