Marketing Is Storytelling

“Marketing is the generous act of helping others become who they seek to become. It involves creating honest stories—stories that resonate and spread…Marketing is our quest to make change on behalf of those we serve.” -Seth Godin, This Is Marketing

Marketing is not this commerciaI. I mean, I guess technically it is. But no. It’s not.

Marketing is storytelling. And as artists, we should embrace it rather than shy away. Because don’t we love to tell stories? To change people’s hearts and minds? Isn’t that why we chose this path? Or at least part of the reason?

If we expand our circle of storytelling to not only include the actual art (or service or product) we’re offering, but also to the why behind it, then we can challenge ourselves to become great marketers. Generous and thoughtful marketers. Empathetic marketers. We can have fun with and enjoy our campaigns. Get super creative with them. Allow ourselves to be personal and vulnerable as we share the reasons behind our passion project.

By doing so, we will only heighten the experience for those we seek to serve.

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