Look Back To Look Forward

Earlier this year I wrote a post entitled “Look Forward To Look Back.” It was about asking yourself questions of how you want to feel in the year ahead.

Consider this post its companion piece.

Tim Ferriss advises that instead of setting resolutions for the new year, we should do a Past Year Review. The process basically entails reviewing your calendar or how you spent your time over the past twelve months. Ask yourself what people, activities and commitments triggered peak positive or negative emotions. Don’t judge. Don’t worry about what you should have liked or felt. Just be honest with yourself.

For the upcoming year ahead– and this is key–ensure you schedule more of the good and avoid the bad. That’s it. By taking action now, committing ahead of time to doing those things that give you joy, you’re set up for a successful year ahead.

The review and the schedule is all the resolution you need.

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