“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

This is my final post of 2020. #263. 5 days a week. Monday thru Friday. 52 weeks. I’m proud I never missed a day. (Includes 3 bonus posts…My attempt at a monthly newsletter highlighting some favorite things– “Fellow Traveler”–came up a little short.)

Thank you everyone for reading, for commenting, for sharing these posts with others, and for encouraging me. What started out as just a daily commitment I made to myself on December 31, 2019, has turned in to so much more. And that’s all because of YOU. Know that I am very grateful.

I also must give thanks to Seth Godin. Hearing him repeatedly extol the virtues of writing a daily blog made we want to try. Check his out Here. It’s excellent. And he’s been doing it 7 days a week for over a decade. Talk about discipline and commitment!

I hope this blog has helped you in some small way. I didn’t know if I would continue past this year. But I love doing it and am keeping it rolling. So you’ll be hearing from me again tomorrow, Friday. The first day of…


Whoa. We’re so close.

It can’t get here soon enough. I know.

But before you say “Hasta La Vista Baby” to 2020, take a moment to congratulate yourself on your grit and your resiliency. Realize that you’re much stronger than you were a year ago. Remember any thoughts, any lessons, any consistent practices you want to carry forward. And if there’s something you’ve been thinking about doing, now’s the time. Memento Mori.

I, and the rest of the world, can’t wait to see what you do. What art you make. What passion you manifest.

You’re ready. Get after it.

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