Minimums, Maximums, And Somewhere In Betweens

Quick productivity tip to battle the resistance and the insidious nature of perfectionism…

Write down everything you think you need to do today. Once you’ve finished your list, go back and put an asterisk next to everything you “absolutely have to do”, “no questions asked”, “this is it”, “I gotta get it done or else” tasks. Those are your minimums. Your “at least I did that” tasks.

Everything else on your list, only tackle after you’ve accomplished your minimums. Those are your maximums. The “if I had 72 hours instead of 24, didn’t need to sleep or eat, and had the energy and strength of a superhero” tasks.

At the end of the day, when you’re writing down your “I Did It!” list, you won’t have done all your maximums. But you’ll probably have done a little more than the minimums. You’ll be somewhere in between.

Most importantly, you’ll be proud of your effort. And be that much more excited for the possibilities of tomorrow.

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