Be A Grocery Store Artist

A shopping trolley full of daily ... | Stock image | Colourbox

For anything we want to do, there exists lots of different ways to do it. “How” we do something is far less important than “why.”

Actors for example, can choose from among lots of different methods and schools. Meisner, Stanislavski, Hagen, Chekov, Adler, Strasberg, and Grotowski are just a few that come to mind. They all have value and we’d be wise to learn something about all of them. You never know what sticks, what nugget you can use in some future situation.

The trouble comes when we think there should only be one way or the right way or the absolute best way to do something. Nonsense. That’s what leads to dogma and closed-minded thinking.

Instead let us be grocery store artists! Pick and choose from the abundance of knowledge and techniques and great ideas that exist. Fill our carts with whatever we think we need to get the job done right now. While remaining open to choosing new items when the situation and project calls for it.

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