What’s The Medium?

Marshall McLuhan famously declared the medium is the message.

Expanding on this concept…As artists we need to fully understand the medium we’re operating in and what’s required by it. Specifically, we need to know how much or how little collaboration is necessary to make our art.

Painting and novel writing for example, are more solitary pursuits. Theatre and film on the other hand, are extremely collaborative mediums. To manifest your passion in those mediums, you’ll need to enlist and inspire a whole bunch of other talented people to come along for the ride. You’ll need to constantly communicate and create a meaningful experience for them. And always operate with generosity. Otherwise, the vision in your head won’t get realized or it falls flat.

You’re only as good as your collaborators. Every one of them is as vital to the project as you are. Treat them that way.

7 thoughts on “What’s The Medium?

  1. Indeed. When I directed my 1st film and when we collaborated on the MIX TAPE one-act festival – it was all about the team and it was so fun and family-like!

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