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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with some incredible actors. Actors with long, illustrious stage, film and television careers. They’ve all consistently shared this principle with me: “An actor’s really lucky if he or she gets a few great roles in their lifetime. The rest is work. Show up and do your job the best you can.”

Think about that…A few great roles. In a lifetime. If you’re lucky.

Can you counter this? Is there a way to not let fate determine your chance at artistic happiness?

Yes! By taking responsibility. By finding or creating a great piece of material for yourself. A role you’re dying to play. A story you simply must share. So much so that you’re willing to do all the difficult work of producing. And producing with excellence and generosity. For yourself. Your fellow artists. And the audience you seek to serve.

Rinse. Repeat.

Over a lifetime, you’ll have an incredible body of work. Roles you’d never have been cast in. Deeply meaningful experiences and lasting friendships.

That’s the mission of The Vs. Studio and this blog.

Don’t wait to get picked. Pick yourself.

Or as Bruce Lee said, “To hell with circumstance. I create opportunities.”

Go make your art.

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