The Vs. Studio – A Way To Find Your Passion Project

The mission of the Vs. Studio is to help people find and manifest the work they love. And to do so with excellence. For themselves, their fellow artists and the audience they seek to serve. Meaningful Work connected to Meaningful Community equals true Artistic Happiness.

So how does one find the work they love, their passion project? Because it’s often not always obvious.

Great question. Let’s get tactical for a beat.

Here’s an approach any actor can take, for example.

Step One. Get out a sheet of paper and write down all the plays you’ve loved seeing or reading. Go through them and notice any parts you’d still love to play. Don’t judge. Don’t worry about being too old or too young. Just notice the parts and your current feelings towards them.

Step Two. Track these plays down and read. Or re-read. Get your creative juices going.

Step Three. Do any of these plays/parts still resonate with you? If yes, awesome! Pick one. Call some friends up and arrange a reading at your place. (Spring for good pizza. No one turns down good, free pizza.)

Step Four. After the reading, ask yourself if it still resonates? If yes, email me and we’ll do a Tuesday Night Reading at Vs. We do these every week. Not for performance. Just a friendly group of actors and artists gathering together in our lobby (currently through Zoom). You can either cast it yourself or we’ll help cast it with you (often with whomever shows up.) Or some combination of both. This is a super friendly, low stakes environment for you to continue investigating your feelings on the play. It’s free. It’s fun. All are welcome.

Step Five. After the Tuesday Night Reading, that might be it. You got the play out of your system. Wonderful. You have closure. And you had a great experience.


You’re inspired to take it to the next level. To produce it.

So how do you produce a play? That’s unfortunately too long for a blog post.

But the good news is The Vs. Studio is all about this. We offer an eight week producing workshop as well as a path forward to get your passion project on stage. Either as a Vs. Studio production. Or anywhere else you choose.

For more info, email me at In the meantime, Happy Reading! And join us tonight on Zoom HERE.

P.S. – It’s Giving Tuesday today. If you’re able and feeling up to it, you can make a 100% tax deductible donation to Vs. Theatre HERE. Thank you in advance for your generosity. It truly means a lot. Especially right now.

6 thoughts on “The Vs. Studio – A Way To Find Your Passion Project

  1. To anyone even considering taking the Vs. Producing Workshop … DO IT. Just do it.

    It will not only arm you with the tools and confidence to produce your passion project, but it will also expand your theatre knowledge and forge new and valuable friendships with like-minded artists.

    I can’t recommend it more more highly. It will change your life in magical ways.

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