Zoom Thoughts

After a few weeks of participating in and hosting several Zoom meet ups, including play readings, here are some early observations:

-How wonderful this technology exists! Be grateful for it.

-Meaningful Community is needed and wanted. Now more than ever.

-A flawed Zoom meet up (crappy audio, poor lighting, people talking over each other, etc…) is still awesome.

-I can’t wait to see the incredible creativity unleashed by this platform.

-The rules still apply. If you want a reading or any kind of virtual gathering to go well, first care deeply about the play or subject. Come prepared. Make strong choices. And then, care deeply about your audience. Do a tech rehearsal with your fellow actors. Think about optimal settings. Maybe even invest in a simple lighting and audio package. Your passion for the material matters and will evidences itself in the small details, done well.

-We’re now gonna get so many more chances to experience art. Every day, all hours of the day, all over the world, people will be making art and gathering together virtually to experience that. Hooray!

-Fellow Theatre-makers. Don’t fear this technology. Yes, it’s harder and harder to get people to leave their house. And this easily could be just one more thing to convince people to stay home. But, let’s embrace this platform. Lean into it. At its best, it’s gonna get people even more excited to come to your venue and see the real thing. Because when theatre is done well, experienced live, and shared communally, there truly is nothing better. It’s why I dedicated my whole life to it. And will continue to do so.

Go. Make Zoom Art With Your Friends.

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