Nobody Wants To Leave Their House

Theatre of Delphi

Nobody wants to leave their house. That was true even before this global pandemic.

Besides the fact that people work hard all week, are tired, have family and other obligations, are on limited budgets, just wanna relax and have a drink, etc…let’s face it, television has gotten really, really good.

But as theatre and art makers, let us not be disheartened. Let us embrace the challenge. Lean into it.


By figuring out what we’re passionate about and why. By producing that to the absolute best of our ability. By communicating our passion to the people we’re making it for. And letting them know how much their presence means to us.

Because here’s the good news…

People want to gather and have shared, communal experiences. They want to see and experience great art together. Look no further than the ancient Greek theatres. It’s in our DNA.

Nobody wants to leave their house.

But give them a reason to show up?…They’ll be glad they did. And, they’ll be back. Just as long as you keep producing with passion, excellence and integrity. And respect for their time.

Because nothing beats great art, live.

When you have that?

Everybody wants to leave their house.

5 thoughts on “Nobody Wants To Leave Their House

  1. Great stuff, Johnny. Every artist comes up against the limits of a medium. Some will find ways to transcend the medium; branching out to another medium to relay a story with a new set of parameters. Others will find ways to transcend their limits; branching out to new ways of thinking about what the parameters of a story could instead be in that very medium. Both good choices. Both driven and formed by passion, excellence and integrity.

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